GOING GREEN does not mean we sacrifice quality. Spraying waterborne paint has many benefits.

Some of benefits to using
Waterborne Paint are:

  • Holds more pigment allowing for better paint coverage
  • Excellent coverage with minimal coats
  • Better color match
  • Easy blending
  • Faster drying between coats, which means a faster turn-around time
  • Significantly lower emissions of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

What is Waterborne Paint?

Waterborne paint is a revolutionary product utilizing clean water instead of harsh chemicals in the paint process. The chemicals and solvents in the conventional painting process create VOC’s which cause pollution and endanger both people and the environment. Waterborne paints are well tested and represent the next step in the evolution of automotive painting.

We’re Protecting the
Earth & Our Employees

We are proud to have installed environmentally friendly , waterborne paint technology at Mike’s Autobody. Protecting the environment is of great importance to us. That’s why we are taking steps to create a safer work environment for our employees and reducing hazardous waste.


VisionMax by Ameri-Cure green technology